Round Labs

Round Labs

Mission 🌏

⛓ To onboard millions of mainstream users to crypto

🕹 We believe that mobile gaming is the perfect trojan horse to get regular folks to earn and use digital assets

In a tweet 🐦

🎖 We are creating a platform for users to engage in competitive arcade and financial games on top of public blockchain network

📱 Our long-term vision is to build a curated aggregator of digital assets, decentralized applications, and gamified consumer experiences


If you're looking to back the company, you can read the thesis, or the deck, and email us

Team 👥


  • Motley crew of builders and technologists with significant experience trading financial products and building AAA games, financial exchanges, and privacy solutions
  • Previously worked at Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Sony, and ConsenSys at their North American and European offices
  • Studied at Stanford, University of Chicago, Duke University, IIT, and IIM
  • Selected by a16zCrypto for their Crypto Startup School and by Dapper Labs for their Flow Alpha Accelerator

Team Bios

Investment Thesis